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Small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine features which?
Hits:7371         Date:2016/11/25
Small aluminum-plastic blister packing machine features:
Drum-type heat sealing performance, no waste side edge blanking, synchronization correct, simple structure, full-featured, easy to replace the mold, simple operation, stable performance. The main transmission part of cycloid reducer, long life, smooth operation. Forming, feeding, sealing, playing batch number, punching one-stop complete. With synchronization and accurate, clear textured, version of adjustable, easy to replace the advantages of mold.
Sub-categories for about the following points:
1, small-scale aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine for the same model series of products, specifically for small pharmaceutical factory, hospital Pharmacy, pharmaceutical research institutes and other units.
2, according to user requirements to provide the same type of design.
3, the type of transmission is very smooth, very low noise.
4, filling, molding, sealing, punching, typing, are automatically continuous.
5, small aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine covers an area of small, low energy consumption, low investment.
6, according to user requirements for structural closure.
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